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A Few Things About Us...


Our History

It is hard to believe Gary’s Deli has been owned and operated by Adrienne for 40 Years. Through the years, Adrienne has been blessed to experience: children eating frankfurters and drinking chocolate milk, grow to teenagers eating hamburgers and drinking shakes, develop to young adults eating tuna specials or roasted turkey and drinking sparkling water and mature to adults eating pastrami and drinking cream soda. In fact, Gary’s Deli is now serving its third generation.

All of this has been done at its location of 3309 Pacific Coast Highway. Adrienne has never lost focus or her mission to serve quality food at a reasonable price. But this is not enough for a restaurant to survive 40 years – the real key is creating an atmosphere where all are welcome and treated as family. Adrienne may not always remember your name, but she will always remember your order and ask about how your day is going or your family is doing.

Gary’s Deli is truly a special place. It has become a staple in the Village of Corona Del Mar. We invite you to come and experience for yourself the unique atmosphere, good food, and become part of our family!



Phone: (949) 675-2193
Address: 3309 East Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Hours: 9am–5pm Monday-Sunday